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Participant Profiles


Last year, James joined the Vocational Habilitation program at VGS E.55th Workforce Campus. James works in packaging and assembly and recently began training to become

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Hollywood has been with VGS for over 10 years. She started working in the custodial department and now works in packaging and assembly. Hollywood has

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Jason, who is visually impaired, joined the VGS team in 2016. He loves taking on new work assignments and earning a paycheck. Jason is grateful

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Tammy is a Material Handler at VGS, she collects and distributes materials for her coworkers to assemble and package. Since joining the VGS team Tammy

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Isaiah is a leader who is eager to take on his tasks and is always a team player. With perseverance, patience, and determination he continues

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Maurice arrived at VGS after years of struggling to find the right job. Once he joined VGS, he spent time with his Rehabilitation Specialist, Sonita, to determine his goals and the areas where he needed additional support.

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Chrissy has been a member of the VGS team since 2009. She currently works in a VGS classroom at the E55th campus, primarily in packaging

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Lori began her journey with Vocational Guidance Services as an associate at “Second Glance”, a resale store located in VGS’ E55th. Her work experience included

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