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About Us

Vocational Guidance Services creates pathways for individuals with disabilities to engage in the community, achieve greater independence and attain employment.

Founded in 1890, VGS has served Ohioans with disabilities for 134 years. Our longevity can be attributed to our deep commitment to the individuals we serve and our ability to adapt to economic and societal changes. All programming is person-centered and considers the individual goals of each person we serve.

Our Core Services

Day Services

Day Services provide adults with disabilities opportunities to socialize with their peers, interact with the larger community, and learn new skills. Participants of our Day Services have a wide range of goals and needs that our programming is specialized to meet.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation programming helps individuals with disabilities to build workplace readiness skills and have the opportunity to earn a paycheck on-site under the guidance of VGS’ skilled and caring Vocational Rehabilitation team.


VGS partners with community employers to provide earning-while-learning job experiences for individuals with disabilities. VGS provides jobs through 35 maintenance and custodial contracts throughout the state. Work in packaging, assembly and more is provided at VGS Contract Shops in Cleveland and Elyria.

Engage. Achieve. Attain.

Creating pathways to reach any goal.

Everyone we serve has an individualized plan that takes into consideration their goals, strengths, and interests. We recognize that the path to any goal is rarely linear and in response, we provide flexible programming that always puts the individual first.

Vocation Guidance Services History

Our history

134 years

Our history stretches back 134 years when a group of young women known as the Sunbeam Circle joined together to support disabled patients in Lakeside Children’s Hospital. In 1986, the name Vocational Guidance Service was adopted but our commitment to serving those in need remained steadfast.

Our Commitment

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Vocational Guidance Services is committed to racial equity, disability diversity, and inclusion. As social service providers, we recognize that we have a responsibility to advocate for people with disabilities and to stand against injustice, racism, and discrimination.

We will not be silent in the face of the miscarriages of racial justice that continue to occur locally and nationally. Because these injustices persist, our swift and urgent response is required. As an organization, we are committed to the following

Workforce Diversity

VGS will recruit, hire, and promote diverse talent to maintain a workforce that is representative of our community.

Workplace Inclusion

VGS will cultivate a culture that celebrates differences, values strengths, and encourages collaboration at every level of the organization

Programs and Services

VGS will evaluate our programming, service provision model, and internal policies. We will identify educational opportunities specific to the social justice issues that impact our mission such as implicit bias and racism and inequity in the workplace.

Our Leadership

The VGS team is dedicated to providing creative, innovative programming; fostering a culture of growth and development for our staff; and widening and strengthening our community of supporters to ensure our future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Dan LaBianca at or 440-666-9456

Contact Elizabeth Bajusz at or 216-894-2074

Contact Elizabeth Bajusz at or 216-894-2074