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Workforce Solutions

Vocational Guidance Services proudly recruits, trains, and staffs Ohio’s workforce.

At the intersection of customer service and social service, our customizable workforce solutions are available throughout the state of Ohio.

Job Placement

Recruitment & Staffing

Our job placement services help individuals with disabilities enter the workforce by partnering with businesses of all sizes to meet your recruitment, staffing, and operational needs.

Our employment services are customizable to meet the short and long term needs of your business. We can eliminate the need for probationary hires as you have the option to make our employees permanent members of your team or keep our employees as temporary workers indefinitely, saving you the cost and trouble of managing payroll. As part of the package, we handle Workers Compensation, FICA, Unemployment Compensation, Department of Labor, National Labor Relations Board matters for all of our employees.

Contact Laura Lamb for more information about our job placement services.


Customizable Workforce Solutions

Vocational Guidance Services partners with public and private businesses to provide manufacturing, custodial services, quality inspection processes, and more. You can send product directly to our facilities and we will fulfill any range of packaging, assembling, and manufacturing projects.

Contact Dan LaBianca to learn how we can partner to meet your business needs.