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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Vocational Guidance Services is committed to racial equity, disability diversity, and inclusion.

As social service providers, we recognize that we have a responsibility to advocate for people with disabilities and to stand against injustice, racism, and discrimination.

Workplace Inclusion

VGS will cultivate a culture that celebrates differences, values strengths, and encourages collaboration at every level of the organization.

Programs and Services

VGS will evaluate our programming, service provision model, and internal policies. We will identify educational opportunities specific to the social justice issues that impact our mission such as implicit bias and racism and inequity in the workplace.

Workforce Diversity

VGS will recruit, hire, and promote diverse talent to maintain a workforce that is representative of our community.

We are encouraged that Cleveland’s business and civic communities have joined together to declare racism as a public health crisis. 

We invite your partnership and support as we do our part to ensure racial equity, diversity, and inclusion remain at the forefront.