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What do we provide for individuals with disabilities?

Vocational Rehabilitation & Day Services

Customized programming

At our Cleveland locations, we provide programming that is customized to each individual and takes into consideration their goals, needs, and interests. 

Community based work sites

Learn important workplace readiness skills

Individuals with disabilities work at a community site under the guidance of VGS Rehabilitation Specialists. Workers are able to earn a paycheck while learning important workplace readiness skills and receiving technical training. The goal of the program is for participants to be hired in competitive, integrated jobs.

Contact Dan LaBianca at or 440-666-9456 for custodial opportunities

Contact Steve Smith at or 216-855-1904 for packaging and assembly opportunities

Job Placement Services

Integrated employment with local businesses

VGS’ placement team works directly with individuals to determine career interests, goals, strengths, and areas of opportunity. VGS staff supports the search for competitive, integrated employment with local businesses while they transition to employment.

Contact Laura Lamb at or 216-881-6033.

Summer Youth Work Experiences

Career exploration

Six-week program

High school students and recent high school graduates with disabilities can earn a paycheck, gain skills, and begin exploring career options through our six-week Summer Youth Work Experience (SYWE) programming. Each student is supported, on-site, by a VGS job coach.

Pre-Employment Transition Services

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ets) provides students with disabilities, ages 14–21 with opportunities to explore career interests, gain hands-on job experiences, receive postsecondary education counseling, and receive workplace readiness training.

Vocational Guidance Services Summer Youth Work Experiences
“As our summer youth program ends today, I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet and work with these three young men — they all did an amazing job counting parts for me.”
SYWE Employer