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Strategic Plan and Priorities

Creating pathways for individuals with disabilities to engage in the community, achieve greater independence and attain employment.

Creative, Innovative Vocational Rehabilitation Programming

We will be known for the quality, variety and effectiveness of our vocational rehabilitation programs, making an increasingly profound impact on the individuals who trust us to connect them with opportunities for community engagement, independence and employment.

Focus Areas

Creative Programming

Work to make data-driven programming decisions.


Work with our corporate partners to find remote work for people with disabilities.

Community-based Partnerships

Expand the number and nature of our relationships with corporations with and beyond our region.

Serving New Population Segments

We are excited by the prospect of expanding our services to enhance the lives of people with whom we have not previously worked with.

Tell the VGS Story

We will ensure that what we do and how we do it is more widely understood outside the Organization, and that our successes and goals are fully appreciated and embraced by our key internal stakeholders.

Focus Areas

External Communication


Utilize our partners to help tell our story.

Audience Differentiation

Interfacing with an array of organizations and people warrants a different message for each group.

Communication Vehicles

Enchase social media presence, invest in collateral material, and increased presence at community events.

Internal Communication

Organization-Wide Training

Increase focus on organization-wide training to help employees understand other departments.

Make VGS an Employer of Choice

We will run the organization in a way that attracts and retains the very best employees.

We must pursue innovative ways to attract and retain the most talented staff to deliver the best possible services

Focus Areas


Explore partnerships with higher higher education institutions that that require to acquire clinical experience in vocational rehabilitation.


Begin a program for outstanding Board Members to mentor senior staff.


Emphasize the responsibility that our managers must grow and develop the people they manage by equipping them with the tools they need to be more effective leaders, coaches, and mentors.

Build a Sustainable Financial Plan

We will manage our financial resources and obligations in such a way as to weather our unpredictable financial externalities while strengthening our foundation for many more decades of making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

Focus Areas

Broaden Revenue Base

We will continue to grow each of these revenue sources to deliver on our mission.

New Business Relationship

Take more aggressive and targeted approach to sales and better communication our competitive advantages.


Continue to steward the enviable relationships we have with several prominent Foundations and make our case for support to additional like-minded Foundations.