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Maurice arrived at VGS after years of struggling to find the right job. Once he joined VGS, he spent time with his Rehabilitation Specialist, Sonita, to determine his goals and the areas where he needed additional support. It took some time for Maurice to adjust to VGS and he initially was shy, rarely interacting with his teammates and his supervisors. After just a few months, Sonita noticed Maurice having an increasingly positive attitude, being more communicative, and working more closely with his team. Today he is a leader at work, takes initiative, and demonstrates patience. Maurice has been with VGS longer than he has with any previous employer.

Unbeknownst to the VGS team, Maurice was launching his own jewelry line from his home once he began receiving a paycheck! He was saving money to purchase materials, creating amazing pieces of work, and eventually opened his own online store. With one goal accomplished, Maurice set his sights on purchasing a house along with his mother and sister – today he is a proud homeowner.

VGS helps people build confidence, earn a paycheck, develop professional skills, and realize their dreams!