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Vocational Guidance Services proudly joins the U.S. Department of Labor and organizations across the nation in celebrating National Disability Employment Month throughout October. VGS is proud to partner with employers throughout Ohio who prioritize disability inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Learn more about two of our local partners below.

Tom Paige Catering (TPC) welcomed three VGS employees to their workforce this year. TPC specializes in institutional catering and food packaging for daycares, schools, and senior programs. VGS employees are working throughout the week up to six hours a day making pizza, in partnership with Georgio’s Oven Fresh Pizza, for the Cleveland Clinic.

TPC is a black-owned and operated local business that has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. TPC’s leadership team has astutely risen to the challenges presented and hopes to employ even more individuals with disabilities as new catering and food packaging services resume. TPC stands ready and is prepared to continue meeting the catering needs of schools and other community providers to safely provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner to students and seniors. 

Cuyahoga County Public Library (CCPL) and VGS have been long time partners, with VGS providing custodial services for all 28 CCPL branches. Our relationship continues to flourish, as just this month VGS was asked to increase the number of staff working at CCPL ahead of Election Day. 

CCPL Director of Facilities, Jeffrey Mori, says the partnership between VGS and CCPL is a mutually beneficial one: “The services provided by VGS are absolutely essential to maintaining our daily operations. We have a significant need for this service and working with VGS allows CCPL to provide work for individuals who are often underserved.

To me, it’s a win-win opportunity. Partnering with VGS allows CCPL to collectively strengthen the economic vitality of our region and remain recognized as an essential community asset and innovative industry leader. The Community should know about VGS and the hard work involved to overcome challenges and barriers to employment. The employment landscape is constantly changing and VGS is finding new ways to provide support and opportunity in these unprecedented times.