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Vocational Guidance Services (VGS) joins the U.S. Department of Labor and organizations across the nation in celebrating National Disability Employment Month (NDEAM) throughout October. VGS is proud to partner with employers throughout Ohio who prioritize disability inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Employer, Swagelok Company

Swagelok has partnered with VGS for seven years and in that time, has provided job opportunities to 40 of the individuals with disabilities we serve. Partnerships like these are transformative for both the employer and the employee.

Keye Daus, Swagelok Senior Manufacturing Manager

We asked Swagelok Senior Manufacturing Manager, Keye Daus, about the impacts of disability inclusion in the workplace.

“Because it is a win-win for all involved. VGS participants brighten the morale of our team every day. We are a better company because of them. It is magical when we can find their gift and match it to work that we need to accomplish as an organization. It is very rewarding to be partner with an organization like VGS who are on a common journey. There is so much more that we can do to enhance the experience and benefits that are received from having people with disabilities in the workplace.

Working with individuals with disabilities also helps me to be a kinder person by learning from them in a way that allows me to have a more open and humble heart. Swagelok demonstrates their commitment, not only because we have partnered with VGS for over seven years, but because respect for all and doing the right thing for the right reason is woven into the fabric of our company.”

VGS Employee, Martin

Martin on the warehouse floor.

Martin is a young adult who is thriving in his warehouse position with Swagelok. Because of a mild developmental disability and a preference to be moving all day, rather than behind a desk, it took Martin a few false starts before finding his place at Swagelok. He is currently one of the best performers among his colleagues at Swagelok.

Monique, Martin’s VGS staff support on site, says, “He shows me his scanner every day to see if he has met his goal. Martin strives to do better.” His Swagelok co-workers were excited to share their thoughts on Martin when asked. They commonly said Martin had a “great sense of humor,” a kind heart,” and mentioned that he was always offering to help others. Martin says he really likes his job and likes that he keeps getting better at it. His goal is to be competitively employed in a warehouse job.