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Lexus stands out on the RhinoSystems packaging floor both for her small stature and quick, efficient movements.

A leader among the nine-member crew, Lexus and her teammates finalize the packaging process of Navage nasal irrigation systems with expediency and accuracy.

Lexus was born with Dandy-Walker Syndrome, a brain malformation that results in slow motor development and a lack of muscle coordination. Despite these physical challenges, it is her anxiety that poses the biggest barrier for Lexus at work. And then, in March 2020, Lexus and her teammates were temporarily sent home because of COVID-19.

Lexus began having anxiety attacks more frequently due to the interruption in her routine. When the time came to return to work, Lexus became increasingly anxious about face masks, contracting or spreading COVID-19, and adjusting to social distancing.

VGS Program Manager, Kara, encouraged Lexus to ease back into work with a part-time schedule. Within a few weeks, she returned to her full five-day routine and now gives herself moments to step back throughout the workday.

Kara commends Lexus’ ability to advocate for herself and remarks that she never takes advantage of her ability to take breaks, “Lexus takes a quick break to get herself back in the headspace to do her best work.”

When asked about what she likes about her job, Lexus motions across the lunchroom where her co-workers fill the tables around her. “My friends, these guys. Because they make me laugh.

She also, of course, enjoys earning a paycheck – a source of independence many of us take for granted.